Container Kiln Concept and Technology

Container Kiln Concept and Technology The concept of the Global Container Kiln is to provide an affordable chamber and process to green lumber, timbers, poles, flooring, pallets, and firewood for value-added profits. Many lumber processors sell their wood green, while the real money in wood products is the kiln drying and secondary processing of the […]

Common Kiln Questions

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About The Global Container Kiln 1. What is a dry kiln and how does a conventional kiln work? Conventional dry kilns have been in existence for over 50 years now. The basic concept is to dry wood products using airflow, humidity control and moisture extraction. Fans evenly distribute the heat […]

Wood Terms

Glossary of Wood Terms   Backhaul A delivery by tractor-trailer originates from where the trailer is loaded, the load is delivered to a destination, then the trucker returns home. If the return is also a paying load to be delivered to the vicinity of the trucker’s home, that load is called a backhaul. If the […]

Lumber Dry Kiln: Warp

Warp William T Simpson of the Forest Products Laboratory maintained at Madison, Wisconsin by the Forest Service of the United States Department of Agriculture in co-operation with the University of Wisconsin, discusses the common forms of warp and what can be done to minimize them in the timber drying process. Warp in lumber can cause […]

Tropical Hardwoods

TEAK Also known as the “King of Woods”, Teak is amongst the most precious in the world. Naturally rich in oils, its color is golden to dark brown, sometimes reddish brown. It is easily worked, and dresses to a very smooth finish. Teak is very durable and resistant to moisture and the drying effects of […]