Global Energy Container Kiln

Container Kiln Plans and Consulting

Build a lumber dry kiln out of a shipping container or refrigerated van. Global Energy designed and developed the container kiln back in 1991.

Why do we offer the plans for free ? We used to offer the plans and parts to build a kit. It was popular for a few years, but the industry was not making much money, so people stopped buying. Instead of just sitting on the plans, we decided to offer them for no charge (for personal use only). Since the 1990’s, we’ve gone into some new businesses, including buying and selling Capstone Microturbines, developing CO2 to alcohol fuel, building waste-heat-to-energy turbines (Organic Rankine Cycle), CO2 to energy, Tribo-effect power generators, and Tribo-effect electrostatic generators. Our newest project is developing electrostatics to increase evaporation and condensation, and graphene production for metal 3D printers.

Periodically, we’ll up date the News Article blog, with new innovations and improvements to the industry.

Plans in PDF Format:

15,000 BF Container Kin Plans (13.7 MB): 20180124-global-energy-container-kiln-15000bf

5,000 BF Container Kin Plans (11 MB):  20180123-global-container-kiln-5000bf

5,000 BF HT and Firewood Container Kin Plans (14.5 MB): 20180124-global-energy-container-kiln-5000bf-ht




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