Southern Yellow Pine Stain

Drying Thick Southern Yellow Pine Export Lumber┬áto Minimize Brown Stain Joseph Denig, Assistant Professor and Wood Products Extension Specialist Stephen J. Hanover, Associate Professor and Wood Products Extension Specialist North Carolina State University Southern yellow pine flitches and joinery exported to Europe are remanufactured and sometimes finished with clear coatings. Brown stain may detract from […]

Quality Control in Lumber Purchasing: Lumber Storage

Quality Control in Lumber Purchasing: Lumber Storage Daniel L. Cassens Department of Forestry and Natural Resources Once lumber is kiln dried to the specified moisture content, it must be properly stored or it will continue to gain or lose moisture in response to the relative humidity of the surrounding air. The wood is attempting to […]

Recycled Flooring

Recycled Flooring Recycled and Reclaimed Wood Flooring Recycled and reclaimed wood is yet another specialty wood flooring option. Most of this wood is long-leaf heart pine, American chestnut or red/white oak purchased from the demolition sites of old homes, mills, ships, warehouses and barns. Flooring made from recycled wood has the natural beauty of knots, […]

Kiln Use – Drying Potpourri

Potpourri Another way to use your kiln is to contact your local florists or greenhouses and contract to dispose of their flowers for them. They should be willing to give you the older flowers. If not, then work out a deal and split the dried product. Potpourri commands very high prices, and all you have […]

Softwoods (Conifers) Drying

Notes: Softwoods (Conifers) This is the notes section of Dry Kiln Schedules for Commercial Woods. Conventional and Elevated Temperature Schedules: Softwoods (Tables 200-316) This group of tables contains schedules suggested for use with softwood (conifer) lumber and are typically used with steam-heated kilns. However, a few tropical hardwoods are dried under these schedules. Both moisture […]